[ SkLO ] Introducing Twin 4.0 Pendant

Introducing Twin 4.0 Pendant

The Twin 4.0 is a new, additional look for the popular Pendant. We are introducing a stem version, different from the version with fabric cords. This gives the light a substantial look and feel, elevating the beauty one more time.

Twin 4.0 Pendant in Mint Green palette, Brushed Brass metal finish.

Twin 4.0 Pendant in Pastel Pink palette, Brushed Brass metal finish.

Available in five beautiful glass color palettes: Oyster, Mint Green, Pastel Pink, White, and Blue.

Twin 4.0 in Oyster palette with Brushed Brass metal finish.

Twin 4.0 in the Pink Pastel palette on/off and Mint Green palette on/off.

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