SkLO designs table lights – table lights that are sculptural and practical, adding brightness and beauty to any room.

The Once Light is a single lit sphere of handblown Czech glass that rests atop a brass ring.  Available in three sizes, the glass diffusers feature the signature SkLO double-dipped, fire-polished mouths which show where the glass is broken from the blower’s pipe, making each unique.

The Twice Light consists of two lit spheres of handblown Czech glass connected by a cylindrical brass armature.

The Stem 1X Table Light is a minimal design featuring a single lit sphere of handblown Czech glass on a brass stem and base.

The Push Table Light is a minimal, tapering curved cylinder of handblown glass. A simple brass armature embraces the glass – a ring resting on the cylinder supports a brass tube that bends into a depression in the top lip of the glass, made while the glass is molten.

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