[ Dan Dryer ] A Little Filter Called HEPA

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99,7% – so many bacteria and other harmful particles are trapped by the effective HEPA filter, which can easily be fitted into existing electric hand dryers.

Sensor activated hand dryers are highly efficient and combined with modern HEPA filter technology they provide a very hygienic choice as they prevent the spread of germs and breathable dust.

Make sure your customers, guests and employees stay safe.


TURBO Low Noise is a powerful hand dryer that meets with the requirement for a lower sound level without compromising on drying time. Featuring long service life, low power consumption, and having a modern space-saving design, this hand dryer is a popular and environmentally friendly choice for all public and commercial washrooms.

The Drape Hook Pendants offer a beautiful solution, when your electrical box is not in an ideal location. You can arrange the pendants in rows to provide light over islands, dining tables, and bars, compose in circles as a chandelier, or let them go random and organic to add sculptural complexity to any space.

At DAN DRYER, we are constantly working to develop our products and keep up with market demand. With TURBO Low Noise, we have added a more environmentally friendly profile to one of our most best-selling hand dryers while retaining the most popular features: “quality, design and speed”.

A HEPA filter as well as a carbon particle filter assembly is available to ensure that the air is cleaned efficiently. This unit is installed in front of the air inlet and will lengthen the life cycle of the hand dryer.


The award-winning product line, LOKI, welcomes a new member to the family with the arrival of a new sanitary bin.

Designed by VE2, the duo continues to provide innovative solutions where design, function and quality go hand in hand. It visually matches the paper towel dispenser of the same line and has a capacity of 11 L, which makes it perfect for smaller washrooms or toilet stalls.

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