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Spectacular in every respect, Buster + Punch’s new bespoke CHANDELIERS really draws the eye. Choose from EXHAUST or HEAVY METAL, and customise the piece to fit your space.

Two constellations of chandelier are available, one classic, the other a raindrop cascade arrangement – each available in customisable drop heights and with 10, 19, or 31 lights.

The new chandeliers have a defined aesthetic that blends elegant lines with industrial, machined detailing.

The HEAVY METAL chandelier is powered by Buster + Punch’s exposed LED BUSTER BULBS, creating a refined ambient glow.

While EXHAUST’s solid metal baffle casts a more directional light to reduce glare and add drama to furniture and decoration below.

If you’re out to craft an interior that stops people in their tracks, CHANDELIER hits the sweet spot of timeless style and progressive form.

Need more inspiration?

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