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Habidecor rugs are long lasting, absorbent and soft to the touch.


Handmade in the heart of Portugal, Abyss & Habidecor’s legendary quality is known throughout the world, and these exclusive rugs are found in luxe residences worldwide.


Abyss & Habidecor rugs are made from the finest materials. We use different combinations of these wonderful fibres to achieve the very best performance, style, and longevity. These rugs will stay gorgeous and looking new for years.

Giza Long Staple Egyptian Cotton is much finer, more absorbent and much longer lasting than other cottons. Silk adds amazing softness. Our Modal is made in Austria and imparts amazing absorbency. Our proprietal Acrylic lends strength to certain design types. Lurex adds shimmer. And linen is famous for its texture and absorbency.


For two generations, the de Lemos family has built a reputation as master craftsmen through meticulous attention to detail, in the creation of unique rug designs, and in the masterful use of colour.

Habidecor rugs are long lasting, super absorbent and soft to the touch.


Abyss towels are made in Portugal, where the strictest environmental, ethical, and legal conditions are followed.


Abyss towels are woven with 100% Giza Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. Although many towels incorporate different grades of Egyptian Cotton, it is rarely used in all three weaving directions: warp, weft, and pile. The pile of the towel is made of a double twist. These features make the Abyss towel extremely absorbent, very low in lint and much greater in strength to make it last much longer.

We put more of the weight of the towel into the pile, and less into the base, so that it dries better than other towels even if they are of the same weight. Since the base is also made of Egyptian cotton, it is very strong and stable.


Abyss towels are “piece-dyed” after they are sewn, which means that the towel, trim and label are all perfectly matched. We only use low impact dyes, which are environmentally friendly, but extremely colour fast.


Abyss robes are handmade in Portugal. Unlike mass produced clothing where a sleeve is made by one person, and a collar made by another etc., each Abyss robe is individually hand sewn by one artisan. This ensures perfection in all details, because of the pride of craftsmanship.


All Abyss robes are made with 100% Giza Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. Using this finest of cottons ensures that the robes are soft and supple, yet are much greater in strength so they will last much longer.


All Abyss robes are pre-shrunk, and most are “piece-dyed” after they are sewn so that all parts are perfectly matched in colour.

We are proud to be displaying these various collections in our showroom with many being available in stock.

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Our showroom is now open by appointment only. We are committed to serving you safely and will make all efforts to accommodate private appointment tours. If you want to make an appointment or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 604-688-1252 or by email  at any time and we would be glad to help you

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