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Presenting the fini·1 blu∙stone™ freestanding bathtub, a finalist in the Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards. In this newsletter, we will be taking a further look at the fini and the benefits of a Blu Bathworks® signature blu∙stone™ bathtub.

Sculpted Style

Undeniably modern, the fini•1 features a unique, sculpted base curvature that provides subtle yet sleek design definition and detail. This freestanding tub with an integrated pedestal makes the ultimate centerpiece in any bathroom.

Matching Drain Cover

Made with the same non-porous, stain-resistant and durable blu·stone™ material, the waste cover included with all of our bathtubs provide a seemless, finished look. With design in mind, we offer alternative finishes to match any look

Seamless Design

One of the many practical benefits of a blu∙stone™ injection moulded, one-piece tub include the prevention of germs. There are no seams or cracks for mold to hide, making this freestanding bathtub more hygienic and easier to clean.

Deep Soaking

Our fini·1 is designed to deliver a deep soaking experience. The sleek integrated slot overflow is designed specifically so if you overfill the bathtub, the water will find this overflow drain before it finds the floor!

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