Fantini: The Importance of Lead-free

The Importance of Lead-free

Lead-free products are important in all aspects of our lives, but especially when it comes to faucets and fixtures. Due to it’s toxic composition, lead paint is banned from industrial markets; and the standard NSF/ANSI 372 for the USA ensures our water isn’t being contaminated with lead either. Fantini, in compliance with this standard, has made sure the surfaces of its faucets that are in contact with drinking water do not contain lead in excess of .25%. 

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Fantini boasts a leading role in the research for quality design and production. Its products, which undergo a production cycle entirely accomplished inside its own factory by means of high-tech equipment, are certified for their performance and solidity by the most important and renowned Certifying Institutes in the world. Fantini takes pride in this and its ability to eliminate lead from its fixtures, as this goes back to its mission of giving water its best shape. Water makes up the company’s everyday at Fantini and the genetic makeup of the company. 

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Being based on the shores of Lake Orta, CEO Daniela Fantini grew up on the lake, as did the company. Lead-free products stress the importance of water, and Fantini is proud to stand behind this with lead-free faucets. Fantini’s washbasin and kitchen faucets follow international standards, putting the health of its consumer’s first and providing them with water from the best source.

Learn more about Fantini’s commitment to clean drinking water and its certifications here:


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