I Balocchi: the Origin of an Icon

The icon of Fantini’s company par excellence, I Balocchi is the first series of colored fixtures to meet enormous success on the market. Young designers Paolo Pedrizzetti and Davide Mercatali presented the concept of I Balocchi to Giovanni Fantini in 1978 and the company embraced the unique ideas and pop colors, making history and breaking tradition.

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“I joined the company in 1982, during the boom of the Balocchi series. It was immediately clear that working in Fantini was going to be very enjoyable,” recalls Daniela Fantini, CEO of Fantini, as she talks about the years in which I Balocchi became an icon of design.

Playful and colorful, I Balocchi makes a bold statement in the bathroom or kitchen. Traditionally offered in red, white, black or chrome, Fantini can custom-make any color for a project.


Reissued in 2014 with the “100 Fontane: Fantini for Africa” project, some details have been updated for contemporary style, while the iconic Pop shapes and bright colors remain the same. 100% of the profits from “I Balocchi” sales go towards budget that Fantini has allocated to the construction of water outlets in Masango, Burundi. 

Learn more about I Balocchi: Come visit our showroom *by appointment only* to take a deeper look at Fantini products, or any other products, visit our showroom or give us a call: 604-688-1252 or 1-800-910-1252.

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