The ” Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Stand ” by Stern

Exclusively Available at Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware

The ” Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Stand ” by Stern

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Stand

Stern is pleased to announce a brand new line of touch-free, portable, electronic hand sanitizer stands being released. Operated by either battery or transformer, the stands are sold as complete portable units, which arrive ready for immediate placement at the entrance to any high traffic public area with a high risk of cross contamination, such as hospitals, banks, airports and supermarkets. The new hand sanitizer stand by Stern is operated by IR sensor making it totally contactless, helping protect the public from cross contamination and viruses such as COVID-19. Hand sanitizer plays a key role in public places where soap and water may not be available in the slowing the spread of viruses. Stern hand sanitizers can be used with any brand of non-proprietary hand sanitizer gel of the correct viscosity. The hand sanitizer you’re using needs to have at least 60% alcohol to be effective, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. All Stern liquid soap dispenser models are compatible with Ethanol, IPA Isopropyl Alcohol – Up to 80% and Alcogel, making hand sanitizers available in touch free form with an automatic dispenser.


Csaba Hand Sanitizer

The Csaba Hand Sanitizer has a chrome plated brass body and is activated by a concealed IR sensor that is built into the spout.

Classic Hand Sanitizer

The Classic Hand Sanitizer is a robust one piece construction and is activated by IR sensor built into the spout.

Elite Hand Sanitizer

The Elite Hand Sanitizer body is made from antibacterial, anticorrosion and durable Stainless Steel AISI 316 material. Choose this option for extra hygiene and protection in high risk areas.

How to Select the Right Hand Sanitizer Stand For You

Stern’s Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Stand can be used to help to reduce the spread of infection in public areas in place of soap and water but with so many options how do you choose the right stand for your application? First choose from three options of the dispenser itself and then consider the hand sanitizer container size and available access that would best suit your application. Finally between battery and transformer options taking into consideration the placement of the stand and whether it should be moveable.

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Exclusively Available at Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware

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