Fantini: Designing to Bring the Outdoors In


Designing to Bring the Outdoors In

During the sunny days and balmy nights of the summer, your home should be a portal to a peaceful nature with convenience and privacy. The bathroom—a space where you wind down and soak off the stress of the day—is a great place to start applying this philosophy. The sleek, elegant lines of Fantini fixtures are a perfect complement for natural materials and silhouettes and bring their own beauty without distracting from the world outside. See how interior designers used Fantini fixtures in their nature-inspired projects:

Fantini Design by Nena Aziz Interiors-6.jpg

Blessed with breathtaking views, this Nena Aziz-designed project lets the landscape speak for itself. Combining smooth tile and natural stone with stark white, Aziz uses glass doors to reflect the outdoor environment and pairs it with the Mint collection to design a space that is uncompromisingly modern. Aziz remarks, “The timeless and elegant lines of the Mint collection complemented the modern design of the space. My client and I both were impressed by not only the beauty of the design but the simplistic yet steadfast function of the product.”


For the aptly named Modern Barn project, designer JolieKorekwent for a rustic feel with chic, contemporary touches by combining natural textures with graceful Fantinifixtures and a skylight that bathes the shower with natural sunlight. Speaking about her project, Korekappreciates that, “this bathroom uses porcelain wood looking tiles to create an at-one-with-nature, barn-like setting. The modern Fantini faucets coexist beautifully with the rustic feel.”

GroveDrive_MilanoSlimShowerColumn_Image 1.jpg

What better way to connect with the outdoors than to bring it in? GabrielleLaMonddesigned her Grove Drive project with the indoor and outdoor counterparts of Fantini’sMilano Collection for the ultimate home-as-getaway experience.“We imagine for our client the transcendent experience of gentle rain, on a sun-filled California day,” LaMondexplains, “Fantini’s Milano makes this a serene, tranquil reality. Water is one of the essential elements and symbolizes purity and fertility. Fantini’s modern and elegant design shows the importance of water, the fluid shape it becomes when falling out of the faucet and shower systems.”


Looking to take it outdoors? Fantini’s Milano Slim Outdoor Shower is one of our top picks. How would you use it in your own project?



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