Celebrating Fantini’s World on the Waterfront

Peaceful, natural…there’s something special about Fantini’s Italian headquarters. CEO Daniela Fantini takes us behind the scenes in this guest blog about Fantini’s new home in Northern Italy.



Our company is headquartered in a very special location on Lake Orta, in the Italian lakes region. The recent renovation and design of our factory, led by architect &designer Piero Lissoni, is a prime example of how industrial facilities can blend in with their surrounding environment, in perfect harmony with nature.

My roots, and the company’s too, lie on the lake. Here we live in the “lake time” spirit, a peaceful pace inspired by the serene aura of the lake. It is the inspiration that we keep close to us in all we do, from the design of our factory and headquarters offices, to the production of our collections.

While “lake time” has always been a part of who we are as a company, it was not always a part of our daily working lives. For the last two years, worked very closely with Piero Lissoni to redesign Fantini’s headquarters, and one of the most significant and purposeful changes was integrating the lakefront and re-positioning our factory, offices and showroom to bring us closer to water.



With the transparency of the large glass walls in the office and showroom, employees and clients feel connected to the water and environment, as the architecture creates a beautiful synergy between indoors and outdoors. The new proximity to the lakefront also allowed us to expand the factory, where the final stages of production (quality control, assembly, packaging, and testing, etc.) take place. Efficiency and cleanliness are always a priority in production, and now this process is in keeping with the tranquillity of the lake.



The last piece of our renovation and one of the most special projects to me is the creation ofcasaFantini/lake time hotel. I want to share the undiscovered beauty of LakeOrtawith our friends, colleagues and the world. Through every corner of the hotel and its surroundings, our guests enjoy a harmonious experience, with a perfect balance of nature, architecture and light. I hope you will join me!

–Daniela Fantini, CEO Fantini

Are you interested in visiting Fantini’s Headquarters and Hotel? Get in touch and we’ll tell you how you could win a free trip through the Fantini Design Awards!

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