Kreoo Custom Capabilities

Since 2016 Cantu has been a key distributor of “Kreoo” – the premier brand of customizable marble furnishings for Bath, living and Coverings, offering the most exclusive marble products from around the world to your projects. This line of custom stone objects acts as functional artwork, creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces for the spaces where you live your life.


Kreoo items go beyond luxury to create a Boutique living experience, where every facet is customizable to a homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

Keep reading to discover just a few of the methods Kreoo marble furnishings uses to bring complete customization to your next bath project…


Choose your materials

Kreoo brand offers over forty-five standard products in dozens of different marble varieties.

Their elite sculpting team has vetted quarries and stone types to find the very best supply of materials to offer these standard stones as a part of our main catalogue.

In addition, we are able to source non-standard marbles from quarries from Italy to Brazil, to the Middle East.


But every marble is different. Some types of stone are suitable for three-dimensional carved objects like the sinks and tubs, while other varieties are better able to handle the processing of slab and counter applications.


Our experienced team of marble sculptors will work with you to make expert recommendations, finding the perfect balance between aesthetic and function.

Customize your finishes

Another fun way to put a personal touch on your Kreoo bath piece is to customize your finishes.


You can colour the interior of your sink basins with RAL colours or genuine gold and silver leaf.


For items like our brand new “Roma” you’re able to enhance the groves of the pedestal with gold. Or with any of our basins, you can choose a unique “Filigrana” etched finish in multiple different designs!


Create something completely new!

The ultimate customization is creating something from your own imagination. The Cantu showroom staff can work with you, connecting you with a personal marble consultant to design nearly anything you can imagine.


From bath to tile to living items, here are just a few of the unique designs the Kreoo team has brought to life…




With all these customization possibilities, it’s impossible to NOT find the perfect Kreoo piece for your next design.



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