Blu Bathworks 45º FENIX NTM®

Introducing the Italian-crafted 45º FENIX NTM® bathroom furniture collection, with the entire line characterized by a unique 45 degree design feature, basin with infinity drain and the latest generation of technological material – FENIX NTM®.


FENIX Nanotech Matte Material (NTM) is an innovative interior design product: a smart surface, that is extremely matte, fingerprint + scratch resistant, self-healing and very strong but soft to the touch. Realized with the help of nanotechnologies, FENIX NTM® combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance.


The collection comprises of wall-mount vanities and mirrors categorized as five series, based on width: series 700: 27½”, series 900: 35½”, series 1200: 47¼”, series 1400: 55″ and series 1800: 71″. Vanities feature a stylish integrated infinity basin, coated in FENIX NTM® material and available in black matte and white matte finishes.


Serving to further differentiate this collection, vanities are available in two design options: FULL features a slim inner drawer within a drawer design and the UP vanity design provides a single drawer with an open bottom shelf. Both options with drawer front available in a choice of Vintage Oak or Distressed Oak wood finish, which beautifully showcases the knotty characteristics of the natural oak.

45Fenix_1400-washbasin detail.jpg

Mirror frames are available in FENIX NTM® black matte and white matte finish with LED perimeter lighting, subtly positioned behind the frosted edging. The LED lighting omits a soft glow that also provides a smart night light option. Lighting is operated by a discreet ¼” touch sensor switch, located on the mirror face.




See the collection here:

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