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Cantu Brings Together World Leaders In Luxury Bathroom Design 

Vancouver’s Cantu Bathroom & Hardware curates the most advanced and beautiful bathroom fixtures from all over the world. Among the products it will bring to the Luxury Home & Design Show are tubs made from an innovative Japanese material, faucets designed by a famed American architect, and a toilet that uses light to clean itself.

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Blu Bathworks

Blu Bathworks is among the innovative brands carried by Cantu Bathroom & Hardware. It developed its signature products with a material called blu∙stone, originally developed for Japanese building façades. This material is built to withstand earthquakes, but it also has great aesthetic advantages, as it can be shaped and coloured beautifully. Its manufacture is also better for the environment than standard ceramic fixtures.

Michael Gottschalk started the company in 2006 to bring the best high-end European fixtures to North America. He has spent a lot of time in Europe, and particularly in Milan and Florence where the architectural details have inspired him. He says Blu Bathworks often juxtaposes clean, modern aesthetics with ornate designs inspired by the kinds of tapestries, cathedrals, and other traditional design elements he has seen in these cities.

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Gessi’s fixtures come in all the varied forms that the fluidity of water could inspire — its Goccia collection features shower heads in the shape of raindrops dripping off the ceiling, its fixtures create indoor waterfalls, they incorporate coloured light for chromotherapy, they create different pressures on the body for hydro-message.

Instead of casting molten brass like other companies do — a process that requires adding other substances that dilute purity, and a process that also results in more waste — Gessi painstakingly chisels and grinds its products out of solid brass blocks. And that is only one aspect of the company’s dedication to quality.

Cantu Bathroom & Hardware will bring to the Luxury Home & Design Show products from Gessi’s Incisio collection designed by the American architect and designer David Rockwell, who is known for a variety of high-profile projects, including the Dolby Theatre, which hosts the Academy Awards.

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Toto’s ubiquitous fixtures are among the most innovative and eco-friendly in the world. For example, the Neorest is an auto-aware toilet. Water-powered sensors in the faucets and flush valves reduce power consumption. It includes a technology that sanitizes surfaces using light — a “photocatalyst” technology.

It isn’t just about innovation, it’s also about beauty. “Japan’s rich artistic heritage in pottery and porcelain is still alive in every Toto product we create today,” says Berkeley Scott, a representative for Toto Canada West. One of its signature collections, Waza Miyabi, features hand-painted pieces in brilliant colour and rich detail, inspired by Kiyomizu-yaki, a Japanese art form dating back 800 years.

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cantu party

A Party At Cantu

Cantu Bathroom & Hardware opened its doors to the Luxury Home & Design Show team and our guests on May 30 for a preview of all the show will have to offer. The designers whose creativity, vision and skill are shaping the show, spoke at the event. They shared the inspirations behind their innovative ideas.

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