Electric Mirror

Electric Mirror

Specializing in Creating Handcrafted Masterpieces

Electric Mirror® is the premier US manufacturer of luxury Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TVs, offering an extensive product line that includes Lighted Mirrors, Lighted Mirror TVs, Kitchen TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Makeup Mirrors, and In-Shower Fog Free Mirrors. Electric Mirror has numerous options within each of the lines, and routinely customizes them to designers’ specifications. They have been serving the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial markets for over 16 years, and during that time have developed a reputation for unsurpassed customer care and service

“Four years ago we began building our residential channel developing relationships with high-end kitchen and bath dealers like Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware. We now have hundreds of showrooms in the US and Canada, and are able to serve any customer worldwide,” said National Residential Sales Manager Stephen LaMachia

“Electric Mirror has been in business since the late 1990s. We created the Lighted Mirror and Mirror TV industry, have many important patents, and have been on the forefront of every major development,” said Electric Mirror President and CEO Jim Mischel, adding, “The next big revolution in Lighted Mirrors will be offering fast-turnaround, large-order, custom, artistic patterns. Once again, we are the leaders, and are perfecting a method of laser engraving. No other company in the world has the technology and capacity,” said Mischel.

Electric Mirror’s laser carving capability offers designers nearly limitless possibilities to create spectacular, next generation Lighted Mirrors. Choose between our two techniques, Frosted or Bold, and from our available options, or create your own. Laser patterns will be available in mid-2016.

Keen™ Technology is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly Lighted Mirror with a dimming touchpad. Three* capacitive touch controls embedded into the face of the mirror give the user full control over eight light dimming settings, including a Night Light setting.

Electric Mirror is rolling out a new corrosion resistant mirror called DuraMirror™. DuraMirror has a 10-year life span, which is substantially longer than inferior imported mirrors, and avoids the corrosion, black edges and mirror delamination that result from moisture and cleaners.

Electric Mirror has grown more than 100% in the past three years, primarily driven by deeper expansion into new markets, the launch of several new product innovations, and increasing public brand awareness.  This explosive growth continues to propel Electric Mirror forward, most recently represented by their expansion into a state-of-the-art 110,000 square foot world headquarters and manufacturing facility in Washington State, and has cemented its leadership in both the hospitality and residential markets.

Come take a tour of our showroom for inspiration and together with one of our design consultants we can build the bathroom & kitchen of your dreams! Book an appointment today!

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