Dornbracht’s newest finish: Dark Platinum Matte.

Dornbracht’s portfolio of high-quality finishes has a new addition: dark platinum matte. The concepts and naturalness and originality radiate from the dark, warm colour, thus extending the range of individual design possibilities in the bathroom. Dark platinum matt’s distinctive, lightly brushed, silk matt finish has an elegant and remarkable feel that sets a sensual tone in the bathroom. The new dark platinum matt finish will be available starting November 2017 and will initially be exclusive to the Vaia series of fittings.

Dornbracht symbolises outstanding expertise in its finishes – both in terms of quality and variety. The curated selection of finishes that the premium manufacturer provides for all its designer fittings is outstanding in many ways. The special intensity and exceptional depth of Dornbracht finishes settles on the individual development and composition of the colours and the elaborate production.

Top-quality craftsmanship:

The velvety finish of the new dark platinum matt is achieved by a special matting process that Dornbracht has developed specifically for the delicate, soft shape of the Vaia design. The fitting is made from the finest brass and every single part of it is hand-crafted in a fixed direction before the surface finish is applied. This ensures that the individual particles of the finish reach into the finest recesses of the brush strokes. This processing sequence, which is specific to Dornbracht and requires supreme technological know-how, is preserving the structure and lends it an exceptional look.

Versatility of design possibilities:

Dornbracht regards finishes, along with the design shape, as an additive dimension of product design. The choice of materials has a significant influence on style and ambience: For instance, the surface characteristics of the fittings in a bathroom can determine whether the interior appears timeless and elegant, cool and modern, or sensual and warm. They can harmoniously accentuate a style, or create a fascinating opposite extreme.

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