The Vaia, by Dornbracht

The Vaia is a classic yet forward-thinking design perfect for a client that wants to be a trendsetter in their home without worrying about their bathroom ever going out of style.

Inspired by the ‘eclectic style’ interior design trend, the distinctive design of this new product is both elegant and progressive. The Vaia, therefore, fits perfectly in both traditional and modern bathroom designs. This line also compliments the eclectic style trend of blending modern and traditional designs, which creates a completely unique and original space.


The Vaia series incorporates aspects of soft elegance, with a bold attitude. Its delicate spout picks up a traditional shape and imposes it to a new, more open silhouette. There is a traditional feel to the handles as well – available as cross-handles or levers, they combine geometric shapes and soft contours.

Vaia is available in Dornbracht’s much loved platinum matt and polished chrome finishes. A new addition from autumn 2017 will be the exquisite dark platinum matt finish. Its dark, lightly brushed silk matt colour appears warm, soft and grounding and creates a feeling of old world charm in the bathroom. Dornbracht’s new variant provides another opportunity to individualize the bathroom and adds, even more opportunity for creative freedom.


Vaia is based on the design principles that characterize all the Dornbracht series. The “5 P’s” – Proportion, Precision, Progressiveness, Personality, and Performance. The 5 P’s concept is very apparent in the Vaia series. Its proportions are balanced, harmonious and precise. Its design is shaped by clean lines, and a pure shape. The workmanship is outstanding, down to the last detail.

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