Who is Blu Bathworks

Blu Bathworks is a Canadian brand with a global reputation for providing the complete modern bath ware experience

Established in 2006, Blu Bathworks is a Canadian modern bath ware design-house + manufacturer based in the heart of Vancouver’s design community in beautiful British Columbia.

Founded by designer Michael Gottschalk, Blu Bathworks owes its continued growth to its design philosophy based on producing bold architectural bathware that balances form and function and to a flexible business strategy that optimizes delivery.

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Collaborating with established designers & premium factories in Europe, Gottschalk has quickly reached a high level in both aesthetics and design structure.  Thanks to which, the company offers a rich and unique product offering, based on design principles marrying aesthetics and the latest technology.

Blu offers the complete modern bath ware solution, fully certified for the North American market, with a catalog including freestanding bathtubs, sinks, shower bases, tapware, shower systems, toilets & bidets, furniture + accessories – all designed to work in harmony or as stand alone pieces.

At Blu Bathworks, we take high standards seriously, ensuring our product line has undergone rigorous quality control procedures. Codes & certifications applicable to the line include:

Blu’s offering has been tailored as a series of collections – all showcasing an integrated, minimalist style with a surprisingly extensive use of bold colours & high-end finishes.

The jewel in Blu’s crown is the brand’s signature eco-friendly blu•stone™ collection – a highly durable material crafted primarily from quartzite, which is available in a luxury range of bathtubs, sinks & shower bases. blu•stone™ provides a choice of modern, vibrant colours with an optional exterior embossed carving, which can be custom designed.

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European know-how & an investment in technology have been key to Blu’s evolution, with the majority of the product line now made in Italy & Germany. Ever-growing brand Blu is now available across North America with a select network of premier dealers.

Come take a tour of our showroom for inspiration and together with one of our design consultants we can build the bathroom & kitchen of your dreams! Book an appointment today!

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