Fantini: Fontane Bianche

We have just finished installing the new Fontane Bianche line by Fantini in our showroom and we cannot wait for our Cantu Crew to come check it out! This line is inspired by water and was drawn from industrial influences.

The Fontane Bianche line is the outcome of the joint collaboration between Fantini and Salvatori. The two companies share a mutual passion for excellence and the desire to blend creativity with technology. Salvatori is known for their skill in transforming stone into beautiful textures and objects. This persona coincides perfectly with the expertise and craftsmanship of Fantini and the result is Fontane Bianche, a natural and stunning fusion of stone and water.

The project came about from research into archetypal forms translated into pure geometry and reinterpreted in a contemporary design aesthetic. A metaphor for the relationship between psyche and material, the relationship between circles and squares are apparent throughout the entire collection: the washbasin is a square marble block from which a hemisphere is extracted; the hemisphere becomes a bowl on a rectangular plane, slim as a sheet, the radii of the sphere become the taps. The rich and luxurious aura of the materials, marble, and stone for the washbasins and Matt Gun Metal PVD finish for the taps, embellishes the bold yet pure elements of the designs. The collection takes its name from a town in Sicily, near Syracuse that has beaitful white sand and clear waters.

Come take a tour of our showroom for inspiration and together with one of our design consultants we can build the bathroom & kitchen of your dreams! Book an appointment today!

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