Designer Spotlight: Catherine Adams from Catherine Adams Interior Inc.


Who: Catherine Adams

From: Catherine Adams Interior Inc.

About Catherine Adams Interior Inc.: Catherine Adams is a Vancouver based interior designer, who studied interior design at BCIT. She has over 18 years of experience designing office environments, professional buildings, luxury hotels, furniture, and custom homes. What sets her apart is her ability to dive into her client’s roots and learn their personal history. This then develops into the owner’s home, exuding a unique quality and heritage. Catherine’s design philosophy was inspired from a wide range of world travel and mastered through years of experience. At a young age she was always interested in how fashion and interior design intermingled. This definitely shows in her stunning furniture collections and the way she uses colour in her designs. Catherine has always put a lot of focus on attention to detail. This is why any space she designs is a treat for the eyes and a special place for the home owner.

Cantu: How long have you been working with Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware?

Catherine: since 2001

Cantu: What is your favourite thing about Cantu?

Catherine: their large variety of unique products and our relationships with Cantu’s staff

Cantu: How long have you been doing interior design/What is your favourite thing about being a designer/What inspires you when you are designing a kitchen or bathroom?

Catherine: since 1998, I love being creative, designing new spaces, and being challenged

Cantu: What is your favourite project you have worked on and why?

Catherine: there are a few, the ones we liked the most are the ones where it was a team effort with the builder, architect, and client. Where we really worked together as a team to be different, and with a common goal for the project to be great. Today, everyone is in a hurry, wants the cheapest price, and fall short on quality and integrity

Cantu: What is the most common design challenge most home owners face, and how do you fix it?

Catherine: finding a builder that actually means what he says and actually cares about the quality of what he is doing and understanding value today. How to fix it? Being properly educated, versus being misguided.

Cantu: What are some up and coming trends in the bathroom and kitchen scene?

Catherine: rose gold, and gold……we are definitely into gold, but I am not so sure about the longevity of rose gold

Cantu: What is your favourite tv show?

Catherine: sorry don’t have one…. 60 minutes? Or The Voice…

Cantu: Where is your favourite place to spend time in Vancouver?

Catherine: Southlands Riding Club or hiking up at UBC

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