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This year, Watermark Designs intends to continue its trend for showcasing hands on manufacturing by introducing a number of new collections which again illustrate its strength as the most unique designer and manufacturers of plumbing products.

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In fact, their Elan Vital kitchen faucet with telescopic spout is so unique that it’s been awarded a patent. Watermark will be showcasing this faucet in their booth along with the other pieces of the Elan Vital collection.
38.1-7.8-EV4.JPG   38.3-7.8-EV4.JPG
The Elan Vital’s Patented Telescopic Faucet and the Elan Vital Collection is taking industrial design one step further, Watermark Designs’ Elan Vital collection combines the utilitarian aesthetic of Industrial Design with the ability to completely customize faucets. Reminiscent of industrial steam pipes, Elan Vital may look as though it was plucked from an 18th century factory, but it has all the modern touches. Elan’s 1/4 turn washerless ceramic disk vaulted lever handles are reminiscent of commercial ball valves, with the words “Hot” and “Cold” engraved into the brass. The newly introduced Elan Vital kitchen faucet has a patented telescopic spout, extending or retracting as needed. The deck mounted lever controls the volume and temperature using a hydro progressive valve. The brass wire basket is optional, as is an independent side spray. Available in any of Watermark Designs’ 40 finishes.

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