Linkasink: Mosaic

Linkasink has gained notoriety for its hand laid mosaic sink basins. The mosaic tiles used by Linkasink include Venetian glass, tumbled stone, mother of pearl, and stainless steel.
Linkasink is also happy to accommodate custom orders and use tiles supplied by customers to complete the mosaic pattern. For the mosaic sinks, a basin is selected (copper, cast metal,or marble) and one of 9 mosaic patterns is chosen.
Linkasink offers over 20 varieties and colors of tiles. For each mosaic basin, the pattern is laid out and then each mosaic tile is placed by hand and adhered to the basin. A quality control process ensures that the sink patterns are consistent while allowing for the hand made authenticity to be featured as well. Once the mosaic pattern is completed, the sink is then grouted. A complementary grout color is selected based on the mosaic tiles and patterns used in creating the basin.
Many of Linkasink’s mosaic sinks feature tiles crafted using the centuries old process of creating colorful, elaborate, and skillfully made glass in Venice, Italy. The art form began in the 13th Century and by the 16th Century Venetian artisans had gained even greater control over the colour and transparency of their glass and had mastered a variety of decorative techniques. The beauty of this glass creates a mosaic that is sure to be a show piece in any home.


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