Linkasink: Porcelain

The Linkasink line of porcelain sinks are hand thrown and then carved by artisans in China who create unbelievably detailed pieces of art. The sinks are available in a number of shapes, patterns and finishes. The Porcelain Series features carved patterns including fish, lotus, leaf, and stripe motifs. These sinks are available in a variety of glazes including white, celadon, and the popular bronze glaze that simulates golden bronze. Unlike bronze sinks that are difficult to maintain, these porcelain sinks with a bronze glaze are easy to maintain using a gentle cleaner.
Unlike many porcelain sinks that are mass produced, each Linkasink porcelain sink is hand thrown and formed into a bowl shape. Artisans then carve the porcelain design into each sink. Although each sink is hand carved, there is a high degree of accuracy and continuity among the pieces. However, each artist will usually leave their own distinctive mark on the piece in the form of a small symbol. For the Ming Dynasty sink and others with a pattern, artists paint the designs by hand on each sink.


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