Linkasink: Bronze

Linkasink’s bronze sinks are made of spun cast bronze.
  • Each sink is hand cast one at a time which gives more uniformity to the finished sinks.
  • Craftsmen use an old world Turkish method of craving the intricate pattern into a two piece wooden mold.
  • The mold is soaked in water so that the wood can withstand the molten bronze. Once poured into the mold, the bronze instantly solidifies and the sink is popped out of the mold.
  • The craftsmen then hand chase the mold pattern using wood carving tools to bring the pattern back. The water soaking and bronze pouring process is repeated, and, surprisingly one wooden mold can cast almost 1,000 sinks before a new mold is carved.
  • Linkasink offers a wide variety of bronze sink styles. There has been particular interest is the Pantheon Sink.
  • The inspiration for this sink is the domed ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome. The Pantheon dome features sunken panels (coffers) which, in antiquity, may have contained bronze stars, rosettes, or other ornaments.
  • The basin of the Pantheon Sink features a geometric pattern of coffers which is a remarkable replica of the domed ceiling of the Pantheon.

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