Japanese Soaker Tubs

Japan is renowned for its many outdoor hot springs, so it’s no surprise that deep soaker tubs became popular indoors! For many families, business people and the general public in Japan, taking the time to relax in a soaker tub marks the end of each day. Being engulfed in steaming, neck high waters is a ritual to give the body the time and respect it deserves after a long day work. This practice is becoming more prominent in the West as homeowners ask their architects for spa features. These include soaking tubs and wet-proofed floors to maximize bathroom space and create a personal sanctuary for pampering and relaxation.

wood soaker tub

These tubs were traditionally used in Buddhist temples and were used as a time to meditate. Traditionally made of Hinoki or it’s American cousin, Port Orford Cedar, both woods are valued for their antiseptic properties and release a soothing lemon ginger scent when the tubs are filled with warm water. Hinoki oil is a staple of aromatherapy and some people say it helps congestion and asthma. Other popular woods are sweet-smelling Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar, as well as sustainably-harvested teak, a dark wood with a neutral scent.

C44 BL Oval Soaking Tub with Zero ped

Recently these traditional Japanese soaker tubs are being made in various other more modern materials including acrylic, marble, glass tile, porcelain and many other finishes. Since Japanese soaker tubs are so deep, they are very rarely that long. Even though many can have multiple occupants, it is common that these tubs are best suited for one person.

Once inside your Japanese soaker bathtub, you will find that it is also much hotter than traditional tubs. Built to withstand higher temperatures, it is the heat that helps to provide total pleasure. Just ensure the water is hot enough to enjoy, but cool enough not to burn your skin.

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