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SLIK Portfolio is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of luxury bathroom fixtures. SLIK’s manufacturing ethos is pillared by three core values: unwavering quality, sourcing materials not currently used by contemporary competitors, and durability that lasts a lifetime.

SLIK Portfolio’s line of luxury baths and showers is constantly improving and evolving in design, to meet the needs of today’s consumers. SLIK’s brand is about changing the dynamic of what modern bathroom fixtures are. Rooted in tradition, but updated to reflect a contemporary look and feel, SLIK’s collection reflects what it means to be an industry leader in luxury products.

For many manufacturers, their product lines have become a race to the bottom. In other words, they are constantly finding ways to lower prices and costs, almost always at the expense of quality. SLIK refuses to compromise their values, and has positioned itself as a company that produces consistently excellent products, time after time. This is why their goal for their new product line was to change the dynamic by leading with designs that cannot be matched with inferior manufacturing processes or raw materials.

SLIK’s new line is championed with innovative uses of unconventional material, such as quartz and cast iron. This lends the appearance of their products going back to nature with simplistic, yet elegant, designs. SLIK’s philosophy is to continue to lead the industry with products that speak for themselves, and create an aesthetic that has the ability to turn the bathroom into the focal point of a home.

Come take a tour of our showroom for inspiration and together with one of our design consultants we can build the bathroom & kitchen of your dreams! Book an appointment today!

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