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One of the biggest Bathroom Decor Trends for 2016 is the “Modern Design.”

Are you thinking of remodeling or updating your bathroom? Check out designs with sleek, fresh and contemporary components for your bathtub, toilet and vanity and you will be well on your way to having the perfect modern restroom that will not only be on trend for 2016, but will be a classic room that you will love for many years to come.



Modern design in bathrooms means combining the absolute highest form of function and visually appealing elements to craft your perfect restroom retreat. Modern bathrooms feel crisp, clean and simple, yet they are completely functional and appealing. Because of these wonderfully combined traits, it is no wonder that modern bathroom design is a current trend.

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To achieve a modern look, opt for pieces with clean lines, practical geometric shapes and furniture void of superfluous frills.  Great pieces for modern bathroom design include: wall-hung vanities, toilets and cabinets to create a more airy feel. A walk-in shower is also a wonderful touch, if space allows.

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The use of a neutral colour scheme (such as grays and whites) will add to the effect of a bathroom that is both practical and decorative.

Come take a tour of our showroom for inspiration and together with one of our design consultants we can build the bathroom & kitchen of your dreams! Book an appointment today!

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