Designer Spotlight: Adam Becker from aBeckerDesigns

Who: Adam Becker

From: aBeckerDesigns

About aBeckerDesigns: Design has always been my passion.

Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to travel the world, absorbing different cultures and international architecture which has helped shape my unique design style. Growing up, as friends frequented movie theatres, malls and bars; I would be immersed in showrooms, art galleries and designer shops.

I was twenty-two when I received my first decorating job. John Laxton, Lawyer and Vancouver Developer sold me my first condo; a concrete shell and a clean, but perfect palette. As I worked within a very tight budget, my love for concept design, clean lines and minimalist open spaces emerged and I knew this was the direction I needed to go in.

I started aBeckerDesign in 2001, and since then I have been fortunate to have worked on over 50 homes and condos. My philosophy is minimalist; with clean, classic lines which are complimented by art and bold furniture. Even the coldest stone and concrete can be warmed with unique art pieces, and colorful furniture pieces. I love details; the smallest ornate details can change the atmosphere of a room. Light fixtures, real stone and wood, floating walls, and different finishes can alter the feeling of any space.

I love creating and designing a vision and working with clients through the entire process, from the initial consultation, through the construction and design phase and following up by assisting them with the interior decorating. I have worked with a diverse group of clients with small to large design jobs, ensuring that the entire process is a positive and rewarding experience, with an unbelievable end product.


How long have you been working with Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware

Adam Becker:

12 long years LOL….


What is your favourite thing about Cantu?

Adam Becker:

I love the showroom and the great knowledge that everyone has that works there!


How long have you been doing interior design/What is your favourite thing about being a designer/What inspires you when you are designing a kitchen or bathroom?

Adam Becker:

I have been an interior designer for about 12 years but have had a passion for design since I was a kid. I love being a designer and builder because I get to “Transform peoples lives” as one client put it:) When designing a new kitchen or bathroom, I like to create something different from  my previous one by using different materials and making it functional.


What is your favourite project you have worked on and why?

Adam Becker:

I really enjoyed working on my Hillview project that was a house built in 1976, which we fully ripped down to studs and built an addition on to the original structure. My favourite feature was designing and building the walnut stairs.


What is the most common design challenge most home owners face?

Adam Becker:

How to make their money stretch as far as possible without spending it??!! LOL….


What are some up and coming trends in the bathroom and kitchen scene?

Adam Becker:

I really tend not to follow trends as they come and go so quickly! I like timeless modern design. Clean and Simple! But then again there are always new materials coming out and for kitchens I am using metals and porcelains…not the traditional wood and stone.


What is your favourite tv show?

Adam Becker:

CNN and Forensic Files (Funny…I never watch home shows)


Where is your favourite place to spend time in Vancouver?

Adam Becker:

I love cycling, so Stanley Park, Seymour Demonstration Forest and the Grouse Grind without the bike of course.

Come take a tour of our showroom for inspiration and together with one of our design consultants we can build the bathroom & kitchen of your dreams! Book an appointment today!

Cantu Bathrooms

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