New Era in German Engineering: The Dornbracht CL.1


When you think of German Engineering most people think of the Auto Industry consisting of companies such as  Volkswagon, Audi, and BMW. However, there is also a very progressive and innovative bathroom fittings and accessories company called DornbrachtDornbracht represents the very highest quality in German manufacturing and lavish design. Their luxury designer fittings have won international awards and have been the driving force in the development and trending within the industry.

Dornbracht‘s newest bathroom series, CL.1, combines hard and soft lines that has redefined Dornbracht‘s design aesthetic. The CL.1 is dynamic and elegant and entices the senses with new structured handles and an innovative spray pattern for a new tactile experience.

db1   db5

CL.1 sets new standards in design and surface trends. Structured handles not only add a unique look to the bathroom but provide a pleasant experience when turning water on and off. The new, revolutionary handle designs offer numerous possibilities for personalizing the bathroom and are available in 4 amazing designs; plain, wave, step, and round. CL.1 stimulates the senses further with a new sprayface, especially designed for the series. Forty individual streams of water droplets gently envelope hands at a flow rate of only 1.069 gallons per minute.
The series includes a wide range of fixtures and accessories for the sink, shower, tub, and bidet. In addition, CL.1 is combinable with other series. For example,a CL.1 spout can be paired with the round handles from DEQUE, or the structured handles can complement MEM. CL.1 is available in chrome and platinum matte finishes.



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