[ SkLO ] Introducing Twin 4.0 Pendant

The Twin 4.0 is a new, additional look for the popular Pendant. We are introducing a stem version, different from the version with fabric cords. This gives the light a substantial look and feel, elevating the beauty one more time.

[ SkLO ] Introducing The Dome Pendant

Large domes of handblown Czech glass with a frosted finish are suspended on lengths of oversized brass chains. An exposed fabric-wrapped electrical cord runs through the chain from canopy to light.

[ SkLO ] Introducing White Glass Float 2.0

Large spheres of handblown Czech glass with a custom brass socket assembly through one side. Each glass sphere is blown by hand without the use of moulds, and so is slightly imperfect in shape. Available in two sizes and as of February 15th, in white opaque glass.

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